Welcome To The Jupes

Next Show - The Freighthouse - Jan 5/6, 2018

Geologically speaking, The Jupes have been playing together for only the wink of an eye. As we all know however, a wink is as good as a nod to a blind horse. For those of you with no pre-Jupes memory, with the exception of the ice age and the advent of the semiconductor micro chip, you really haven't missed much.

For those of you who recall only a time when The Jupes have been a part of your consciousness we have truly exciting news!

The rumors are true! Dan Unze, Greg Lee and Rick "Bongo Boy" Christianson are proud to announce that the troubadour trio has finally recorded their first CD and it was clearly worth the effort.

The collection of original Jupes tunes were recorded at the Wonderwall Studio in beautiful downtown Happy Valley with Ken Wilson at the controls. After months of tireless effort the result is totally Jupeliscious and has won the praise and adoration of all those fortunate enough to have given it a listen.

Keep your eyes and ears open for more Jupes news in the coming months. Local performances and a CD release party are in the works for the near future. We'll keep you posted here for your chance to "Get Juped" and until then we wish you health, wealth and a glimpse of Nirvana.